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Taverna is a workflow system that is a component of the EPSRC-funded myGrid project which is also based here at the University of Manchester. Taverna as one of its tools for has been employed for combining the use of multiple data repositories and analysis tools. The following Taverna-related software have been developed:

Systematic integration of experiment data into systems biology models

A set of Taverna workflows developed for the construction, parameterisation, optimisation and simulation of SBML models.

Statistical analysis of microarray data using R and maxdBrowse services

An example use of Taverna workflows to analyse quantitative post-genomic data using R in conjunction with other Web Services.

Use of libSBML in Taverna workflows

Its possible to use the methods in Java classes within JAR files as processors in Taverna workflows. Here, we show how the libsbml programming library can be used in workflows for automating the creation and manipulation of SBML models.


Since version 1.5, the Taverna workflow system has a plugin mechanism which enables the software to be tailored to specific scientific domains. A number of Taverna plugins have been developed for use in systems biology and informatics in general.

Other workflows

Other workflows and their documentation.